Daniel Bohn has released a new single ‘Divinity’

Daniel Bohn DivinityPhoto by Karim Fetoum

Daniel Bohn is a St. Louis-based progressive metal artist, and he’s gifting the metal community with the newest addition to his music catalog, ‘Divinity’, which will eventually lead to a new album.

Daniel Bohn’s latest single ‘Divinity’ features masterful electronics, sonic effects, and pure metal force, and comes with more music releases on the horizon and preparation for live performances. His voice is ripping and ghoulish, with some melodic vocal sections sprinkled on top. With Bohn behind each and every instrument this final product will give you a feeling like you’re right before the final level of winning or losing a suspenseful video game. It’s very cinematic and even if you don’t know the lyrics, the music tells a narrative.

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Bohn’s Kickstarter effort to press 100 copies of his debut full-length album, “Colors of the Land” on vinyl was a success. Since he met his Kickstarter goal for the previous album, ‘Divinity’ is a song that connects to the next album’s plot and reveals one of the key characters. It’s about a hero discovering his God betraying him, ultimately leading to his loss of faith in the Gods.

With influences from bands such as Buried and Me, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, The Ocean, and Obscura, Daniel Bohn is making his own art and presenting it to audiences creatively. All magical figures and places can become real as long as people write books, make movies, create music, and produce other forms of art. Stay tuned and join Daniel Bohn’s universe.

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