Davey Bones’ Second Album Has Bombastic And Emphatic Feel ‘Burn The Bright Out’

Davey BonesPhoto by Mark Graves

This album exudes the feeling of being grandiose. I was falsely drawn into a calm lull with the opening instrumental track ‘Time In The Dark’ which has a relaxed and dreamy/trippy feel to it. A feel where you lean out the passenger window as you ride in a car driving down the road in the summer, and you smile wide with your eyes closed letting the sun wash your face. Then BAM, you’re smacked with emphasis by the uproarious ‘ Dead Weight’ and your glorious journey truly begins.

This album belongs on stage performed before a packed house. It comes with that feeling built into every note, every riff, every bridge, and every lyrical utterance. Davey Bones has been created to command the stage, and given the opportunity, I see Davey Bones attaining those heights of success. It would be a travesty of justice for Davey Bones to not see the rewards of their successes reaped. Burn The Bright Out is the album that should decidedly kick the doors down on the charts as Davey Bones’ introduction to the greater music-loving world.

Davey Bones is the standout brainchild of Patrick Bayliss in Portland, Oregon, and ‘Burn The Bright Out’ shows an immense amount of creative growth from this musical genius. Having written, permed and recorded the album in its entirety. That is no easy feat to accomplish. In fact, it is a downright Hurculean task if you ask me. To not only cultivate and create music, but to do so with such expertise that the outcome sounds as professional and polished as this does. I tip my cap to this accomplishment and find myself eager to see Davey Bones on stage should the opportunity arise, as I feel all these amazing songs would translate perfectly to the stage.

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