Deleo Emphatically Bursts Onto The Music Scene Armed With Years Of Experience Etched Into Every Note ‘Satellite’

If you find yourself yearning for the synth heavy sounds of New Wave that flooded the airwaves in the 80’s and 90’s but have no way of quenching your thirst, well I have a surprise for you. I was so enthralled upon first hearing Deleo’s ‘Satellite’. It was if somebody had captured everything I loved about music from that aforementioned era and encapsulated it into this fresh and new sound. Upon research I found that their producer Phillipe Uminksi, who is a world renowned French producer, that has used his venerable experience in cultivating the sound of ‘Satellite’, as well as Deleo’s upcoming album.

Upon hearing Denis Navarro intoxicating guitar manipulation as an audience member, you are instantly drawn into the musical tapestry this powerhouse of talent is bringing to life. You feel an injection of energy pumping through your veins as immerse yourself into Deleo’s world. Emi Clement’s voice moves sinuously through your earlobes as you find yourself uncontrollably moved by her outpouring of emotion, and that is a beautiful thing. Deleo is truly an experience for the ages that you don’t want to miss.

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The fact that they were able to form, and create such mesmerizing music is a testament of their own integrity. Having been derailed by the ongoing global bastard called Covid, they still powered through to make their magic even though they lost multiple musicians along they way. The ones that have stayed and formed this magnificent group are the magic components making it happen. The end result is a beautiful amalgamation of New Wave, alt rock and postpunk. You’ll find yourself unable to not engage with this stellar song as you are entranced by the mesmerizing guitar riffs, the fast-paced drumbeat, and the hypnotizing rhythm all which expertly support the astounding lyrics.

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