Diego Dati Brings The Same Kinetic Energy From His Action Movies To This Banger Of An Album ‘Planet Nope’

From the opening track I felt strong NIN vibes, which is a wonderful thing. Then, while looking into Diego’s background I find out that Trent Reznor is one of his influences. That’s when it all makes sense. As an artist you want to emulate those who influenced you a bit, before carving out your own path through the musical landscape. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t lying when I said I could clearly hear the NIN influence in the album’s opening, but from that point on the similarities fell to the wayside as Diego went wildly into another direction creating a beautiful and unique sound.

This album seems to be part mid-90’s industrial, part video game sound fx, and part electronica, but all genius. Speaking of genius, therein lies the talent of Diego Dati. Here is a man that has birthed every aspect of this astounding album. He is the everyman for the job. Creating a soundscape that draws in audiences with unrelenting ferocity as it engages them in the world being created by Diego Dati.

Diego DatiDiego Dati / Publicity photo

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Finding out that Diego has an extensive background in action movies only helps to sweeten the pot for me. To hear him say it, “Planet Nope is a political music trip about war and mental illness.” These are heavy concepts that I could having drawn inspiration directly from the movies Diego has been a part of. He has taken the kinetic energy that is displayed in the various movies that he is a part of and superbly translated them to the masterful music emanating from his mind. It takes that special kind of psyche to create what Diego Dati has and present it to the world in an engaging manner. Diego has done that in spades.

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