Divvy Bikes Are Indicative To How Society At Large Perceives Responsibility

Divvy bikesPhoto by Amardeep Singh

As each day ticks by and time rolls on it becomes more evidently clear the people in general are being molded into a “immediate gratification” mentality. They want what they want now, but don’t want to work for it or take responsibility for it, whatever “it” may be.

This is a thought process that can cover a great many things in today’s world. From finding a way to sate your loneliness amidst the “quarantined” period of the Pandemic where people thought hey, maybe I should get a dog. Yet, when they realized the amount of work that entailed then suddenly, there was a surge in animal shelters as people couldn’t be bothered with the care needed for having a pet. The fact that people were actually giving up on a living thing is shocking, but it happened, nonetheless. That’s not to say that there is another portion of population became “dog people” during the Pandemic, but they are not who we are focused on here.

Now, onto the subject of this article’s title. The Divvy bikes. They are littered throughout every major metropolis in the United States as well as many other countries (each have their own version). These have become the bane of every person who bikes avidly because by and large the people who use these types of bikes don’t put any love or care into them whatsoever. If they pop a flat, they’ll drop it right there. No muss, no fuss. They can’t be bothered with the maintenance it takes to keep the bike in tip top shape. Same can be said for Uber cars. People want to be chauffeured without having to deal with the maintenance of the car itself. The expect the luxury of being catered to without working to earn that status.

This attitude has permeated into so many different aspects of our society that I could have taken a different angle with this article. I chose the Divvy bike as that directly affects my lifestyle. People yearn for instant gratification without having to work for it. They order food from Apps like DoorDash or Uber to get their meals as close to instantly as they can. The goodwill that came with the Pandemic where they were cordial and even in some cases showering praise onto delivery bikers/drivers is long in the rearview mirror. Now people can’t even be bothered to interact with those that bring them their food. Much less even make eye contact with them. Why? Because that’s too much work. It’s been established that people no longer want to work. They just want all the rewards. That is why you have a whole subculture that dreams of making a fortune by posting a video on YouTube or showcasing their “private assets” on OnlyFans. This is the world that we are a part of now. Want all the money, power, and glory without any of the responsibility that comes with it. This will only continue going in one direction, and I don’t foresee it being a good one.


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