Drew Hunter Commands Attention With His Expansive Vocal Range ‘Family Ties’

Drew HunterPhoto by David Shimenko

I am thoroughly impressed with this first introduction to Drew Hunter’s musical stylings. The fact that he is at a young performer of 25 years yet carries multiple lifetimes worth of experience behind his lyrics. Tackling the heavy subject matter of toxic relationships with family members. These are subject matters that more seasoned veterans of the music game have glossed over while the young Mr. Hunter has tackled them head on. Bravo to him. His vocal range guides these intense lyrics much like an aged ship captain weathers a brutal and rights his ship to stay the course. Mr. Hunter is the right guide to show the audience the way.

His lyrical display is a shining light amidst the dark and moody subject matter which is needed to “show the way” to the audience. I go back to my amazement at his young age as he expertly transitions through multiple singing styles amidst this epic and expansive song. First existing in the quitter and more intimate vocal range before erupting into the grittier fare one usually attributes to a banger metal song. His vocal range is nothing to be scoffed at as it does not cease to impress.

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In retrospect it makes sense that Mr. Hunter carries this sense of a seasoned pro behind the mic as you come to find out that his youth was spent ingesting music from multiple decades. It is that historical smorgasbord of musical flavors that his informed his inspirations to his own musical outputs. You can hear amidst this infectious song where he might have looked to for a spark in his own creativity. 2022 is the genesis of this young man’s career with his debut ‘Gave It All Away’, and there shall soon be an entire catalogue of goodies provided by him to entertain for years to come. ‘Family Ties’ is a fantastic jumping off point for Mr. Hunter.

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