Hard-edged And Anthemic, Drop Top Alibi’s Newest Cut ‘DYLSONG’ Transports Listeners Back To The Vintage Era Of Hard Rock

It’s refreshing when a band comes out with a new sound but makes sure that due respect is paid to the inspirations they draw from. Whether that be specific bands that influenced them significantly or the recording techniques used in the yesteryears of music. Drop Top Alibi has kicked the door down in the Canadian hard rock scene and brought with them a remembrance of how things used to be done. Their technique of recording live with minimal overdubs gives them a sound that’s raw and real. It’s hard-hitting in all the right ways.

The lead singer’s voice is so epic amidst his vocal range that it adds a certain sense of gravitas to it. One that you would attribute to blowing the roof off an arena filled with adoring fans. If Drop Top Alibi keeps up their output of grandiose songs such as ‘DYLSONG’, then I don’t see why that couldn’t be in their bright future. They say it’s a long ride to the top, but I see Drop Top Alibi has one hell of an ascension ahead of them.

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‘DYLSONG’ is so expertly composed that it is an utter joy to immerse yourself in its soundscape. From the uproarious and hardened guitar riffs to the bombastic drums and the magnificent bass rhythms. This standout piece of music was recorded so impressively that you FEEL every second in your bones. The levels are set perfectly that all the parts are pitch perfect as they complement each other. Seriously, hats off to the production of this stellar song. As I touched on before, it has that live feel. You can close your eyes and place yourself amongst a crowd of screaming fans. You feel part of this. Well, we should ALL really be thankful that we are part of seeing this band’s rise to the top.

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