Hardcore Quartet Dull Mourning Proves There is Nothing Dull About Them With Their Latest Release ‘UGLY FLAME’

Dull MourningDull Mourning / Publicity photo

A low bass line accompanied by a pace setting hard beat that’s armed with grit opens this pulse pounding EP by Dull Mourning. This offering is a journey into a very personal telling of struggles with mental health. More specifically the oft ignored aspects of dealing with them. The energized outpouring of intense drums and bassline mixed with the grimy guitar riffs and engrossing vocal delivery of thought provoking lyrics all merge to form an intriguing narrative that will assuredly capture the attention of the audience.

Dull Morning is aptly named as it implies the mental emptiness that accompanies depression. Once can peek into the annals of hardcore, grunge and emo to see where Dull Mourning has drawn inspiration from to cultivate their sound, which they have done masterfully. Jonathan Owens’ intense delivery of his vocal outpouring captures the audiences attention, and once understanding the brevity behind the personal lyrics they cant help but be trapped in a vice grip of relatability as his lyrics talk about mental struggles far too many across the globe are dealing with. Also, even more heart wrenching, a larger population are dealing with such struggles in silence. Dull Mourning’s intense musical presence helps shed light on these under-represented struggles and puts them center stage.


Ugly Flame recording is a unique one that lends itself to Dull Mourning’s signature sound. The mixture of both clean and unclean vocals fortifies and adds to the distortion ever present in their sound. This all culminates in the excellent presentation of the intense energy that they bring forth in each song. While already stating the personal nature of the lyrics in each of these four powerful tracks, it is noted that these issues are sadly not unique to just a few, but instead have mass appeal due to how many are dealing with these troubles in silence.

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