E-PO Blasts On To The Alt-Rock Scene With Both Barrels And Armed With Unapologetic Intensity ‘Mother’

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The opening riff coupled with the frenetically paced drumbeat assures you that you are about to be shocked awake. It’s a sound pleasantly reminiscent of the mid 90’s music scene. Having grown up during that time period I find great solace in these newer bands coming out and showing respect for the artists that came before them. You can hear the influences interwoven with the music, but then artists like E-Po surprise you, and switch things up into a new musical direction.

‘Mother’ is no exception to this as the opening is full of kinetic energy that’s ready to explode, but before you know it the lead singer masterfully slows the pace and energy down. Her voice has an intoxicating sound to it and commands full attention thus she does what a lead singer should do. She leads. I can only imagine what her stage presence must be like. Her voice is so evocative I could imagine it commanding the attention of a full arena. That’s the testament of a great voice. It’s a pleasure to hear her travel seamlessly through different vocal styles on this fantastic song.

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As stated, she starts out with a slower pace, but as her story telling elevates so does her energy as that’s what is needed to convey the energy this song needs. I was a bit disheartened to find E-PO only has one single out so far, but on the flip side of that coin it excited me knowing their burgeoning career was just starting out, and I can see them blessing us with a multitude of songs for years to come. They’ve only played a handful of concerts collectively, but prior to that the band members have literal years of experience playing with different bands. You hear that musical experience throughout this song, and that elevates it to the status of a song to keep on constant rotation in your playlist.

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