East London Duo Apple Shakers Release Slickly Produced New Song Sure To Please Mass Audiences ‘Silhouette’

Apple ShakersApple Shakers / Publicity photo

Upon hearing the opening lyrics, which come in low and calming, as an audience member you are shaken to life and filled with electric energy as the harsh riffs and rapid drum beat burst into your ears. You find yourself pleasantly jolted alive with these 180 turns in sounds. You feel as if you are in for one amazing ride, and you would not be mistaken. Apple Shakers will undoubtedly take you upon that ride, and you’ll be left spent afterwards. That’s the testament of a good band, which Apple Shakers apparently seems to be.

The song picks up pace as it engrosses you with its lyrical content. Raising the stakes of the song, and bombarding audiences with the increasingly amplified energy. By the time you’ve reached the song’s conclusion, you find yourself in a mental space unsure if you listened to one song, or instead multiple ones as the Apple Shakers switched up the energy and sounds from where the song started to where it ends. In a masterful turn during the songs ending crescendo, they then abruptly bring it back down to that same low and calming energy the song opened with.

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The Apple Shakers might be new to the scene, having formed in 2019, but the sound they bring instills years of rock & roll behind it. I felt their sound was akin to the alt-rock vibe of the mid-90’s. It brought my mind back to that time. They offer a perfect blend of sounds that incorporate garage rock, classic rock and indie rock. It’s a fantastic package all wrapped up in what can only be described as an anthemic sound. They have played a multitude of concerts since forming as they strive to get their sound and act in front of as many eyes and ears as possible. If given the chance, you’d be serving yourself well to go check them out.

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