Eighty Six Press Perfectly Blends The Gnarly Guitar Stylings Attributed To Rock With Pop Sensibilities In A Stylish Juxtaposition In ‘New Noise’

Eighty Six PressPhoto by TJ Foster

Every once in a while a band comes along, and they bring with them a new sound, a new style, a NEW NOISE. Eighty Six Press just happens to be that band. This trio hailing from Nashville, Tennessee just happens to have their finger on the cultural pulse. They existed within the music scene in Nashville and noticed something was lacking. A proverbial hole that needed filling so to speak. Well, they stepped up to the plate and filled that hole with some of the best alt-rock to originate from Nashville.

Sure, they have inspirations, all bands do, and you can hear inklings of them peppered amongst New Noise’s notes but that’s as far as it goes. This trio has taken its inspirations and taken the next evolutionary step. They’ve brought onto the musical landscape a sound that’s uniquely their own. They’ve broken into the underground music scene in Nashville, laughed at the concept of asking permission to be there, and firmly planted their feet in the ground as they are not going away anytime soon.

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Eric Vattima’s vocal stylings are compelling as his range is something one would attribute to a grizzled veteran as opposed to a burgeoning new act. That is reason in itself to tip your cap to Mr. Vattima. Also, he and Jacob Redding’s skillful working of their instruments. To manipulate those sounds out of their guitars is truly majestic. Last, but not least the pulse pounding drum work of Christopher Rivera keeps the energy of this intoxicating track amped up to “11”. Upon listening to this one cannot help but become entranced in the music that this trio is creating. Prepare to be excited for what comes next from Eighty Six Press.

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