Intensity Personified As Electric High Unloads A Symphony Of Majestic Sounds To Invade Your Eardrums With Their Latest ‘Colorful White Lies’

Electric HighKjetil Andre Tofte

I have a wager for you. I bet that upon hearing ‘Colorful White Lies’ you are incapable of not moving, not smiling, not enjoying, not being overtaken by the wonderful and contagious energy that is being displayed for you. This song encapsulates all that we, as fans of music, love about music. From the opening chords you feel a smile forming on your face, and with that rapid clap you feel your foot tapping as it instinctually keeping time. That’s what great music does. It moves you to invest in it on a deeper level.

Through research I learned where Electric High draws inspiration from. A testament of being great musicians is being able to pay homage to those influences through your own mastery of the music. They did that and them some with those amazing piece of music. Through the guitars, the drums and the dual vocal energy courtesy of the uber talented PV Staff and Olav Iversen you can see how they count acts like Wolfmother, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath as inspirations.

Electric HighFlamingPumpkin


Electric High sets themselves apart from all the other bands in that they say where their musical inspirations come from, and yes you can hear a hint of those inspirations, but that’s where it stops. From that point on they blaze their own trail. Make their own name and pump out their own unique sounding music. Great artists do not just emulate the groups that came before them. Instead, they take what those previous artists have done, use it as a foundation, and build upon it. Building is exactly what Electric High has done. They have built a new sound that I’m sure years from now a new group will try to build on themselves.

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