ELECTRIC HIGH gifts the world with their new energetic ‘Walls Fall Down’ EP

Electric HighPhoto by Kjetil Tofte

Norwegian rock band ELECTRIC HIGH is back to tear down walls with their hell of a new EP ‘Walls Fall Down’. These days, when we hear the word “walls”, we can quickly locate examples of them everywhere around us. Of course, I’m not referring to the walls of your house. We could concur with Electric High that sometimes knocking down walls just leaves room for new walls, and more difficult to knock down. Wouldn’t you agree that maybe it’s best to leave some walls standing?

Here at RED Rock magazine, we write about music that really stands out, and every now and then we discover a gem that shines so bright that we’re extremely excited about it. I invite all the rockers to listen to this music without thinking and I guarantee you’ll feel immediate satisfaction. The newest EP from Electric High, ‘Walls Fall Down’, displays outstanding composition in addition to top-notch production. The music is powerful, hard-rocking and no wonder if the band is fronted by two lead singers, PV Staff and Olav Iversen who are pushing everything to the limits, harmonizing beautifully and making everything bigger than life. One thing is certain: as they approach the stage, they probably convey electric energy just by being present, and what happens next is nothing short of a perfect storm.

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Electricity moves constantly and is not simply a straight line, exactly like the music of Electric High, which is very melodic but diversified with occasional gentler touches and of course pedal to the metal all-out power.

The other members of the band, including Einride Torvik on bass, Marius Mørch on guitar, and Tor Helge Opdahl on drums, are also responsible for the development of this entrancing music. These masterful artists did a great job in the studio, something to feel not only satisfied, but proud of. The tracks in this EP were recorded and produced by Electric High in two different studios in Bergen, Norway. The lead single ‘Walls Fall Down’ in Havnelageret Studio, mixed by Daniel Birkeland, and the rest of the tracks recorded in Solslottet Studio working together with Iver Sandøy.

‘Walls Fall Down’ EP is available for the masses since May 27, 2022. Keep an eye out for more updates and get electrified!

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