Elektric Animals Powers Forward With Impressive New Release Sure To Make Waves In The Music Industry ‘Head In The Ground’

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I’m a visual person. I say that to say when I immerse myself in a new song I find my mind either creating my own cinematic narrative or finding a preexisting film that I believe the song would work swimmingly with. Elektric Animals newest is no different. From the opening catchy beat `to the memorable lyrics I felt this song belonged on a soundtrack. To be more specific it would fit amazingly on the soundtrack to ‘Pump Up The Volume’, which incidentally is one of my favorite films from the 90’s. I say that both due to the sound and rhythm displayed, but also for the lyrical content.

Elektric Animals are an impressive band who have a laundry list of accolades already under their belts. Having their songs featured on hit shows such as ‘The Good Doctor’ and ‘Shameless’. That is something to definitely not turn your nose up to. Lyrically Nick Sanders is on a cloud by himself, high above his contemporaries. Imbuing the songs with lofty subject matter revolving around lost love, depression, and hopelessness. Tapping into the influence of Tarot cards adds a certain weightiness to their songs that gives them a gravitas one needs to experience.

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Stylistically all components of Elektric Animals came together to compose an amazing song that is sure to please audiences far and wide. Oscar Jara’s exquisite manipulation of the guitar is something to behold while Will Hubert’s intoxicating “tickling” of the keys adds a style to the song that resonates. To me their sound is reminiscent of alternative college radio rock from the late 80’s early 90’s. There’s a hint of blues underlying the music with a hint of more mainstream pop. The opening drums harken back to the way Pat Benatar opened some of her bigger songs in the early 80’s. Jerrid Van Scoy expertly lays an underlying bass line that compliments the song in just the right way and Eric Everhart’s drums make for an impressively thunderous opening that draws in the audience for Elektric Animals newest stellar outing. Do yourself a favor and take a deep dive into what they are bringing to the table.

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