Eruption Artistique Are Back And Stretching Their Creative Fingers Farther Than Any Normal Human Should Be Allowed To ‘ICON’

I chose to title my article this way as a way of saying Eruption Artistique are anything but “normal”. In fact, I’ve found them to be gloriously “abnormal”. Trust that I mean for that to be taken as the highest form of compliment and it should in no way be taken as a slight. This being the second time I have covered this band, I can only identify them how I perceive them, and that is creative geniuses. Like most creative geniuses they think differently and not in a “normal” way. Their creative brains are functioning on a higher level.

This new track ‘ICON’ is exceptionally catchy. As a listener you are drawn into this world that they have crafted for you, and you find yourself feeling spent as if you’ve just come out the back end of a 12-hour acid trip. The attached music video they’ve created for this son only helps to fortify your initial trippy reactions. The video is beautifully bugged out in every sense of the word as its captured in stunning black and white with the frame rate speeding up and slowing down to emphasize the different parts of the song.

Sara’s voice is as captivating as ever as the music soundscapes laid out to back her only add to the trippy feel of the song. It feels as if it’s a hybrid of 60’s pop psychedelia with some Ornette Coleman style jazz. This song is everywhere and nowhere all at once. It’s truly breathtaking. Then to try and figure out the inspirations they drew from in crafting the video, well that is gigantic hill one would have to scale. I did see some nods to Guillermo Del Toro in there, and tipping of the hat to Harmony Korine’s oddness. All in all, I feel Eruption Artistique is continuously hitting it out of the park, and I’m eager to see what’s next for them.

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