Eruption Artistique have released their new single ‘HI HA’ with a video

Dutch rock band Eruption Artistique gifts the world with a catchy new song ‘HI HA’ along with a music video that surely will lift your spirits and bring light inside the room without windows.

‘HI HA’ is the first track from the Eruption Artistique‘s forthcoming EP ‘ICON’, coming out at the end of the summer in 2022. The band is having fun making music videos and releasing new songs even if they aren’t currently doing any live shows. There’s nothing typical about ‘HI HA’ but at the same time it will feel friendly to your ear. One of the many tasty things in this track you’ll find is the bass line—it’s a little unorthodox here and there, but it hits the spot. Their music videos are known for having a black and white aesthetic that looks just wonderful, with deep shadows, soft greys, contrasts, and silhouettes.

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Currently, their primary focus is on film sets rather than stage performances. They are a group of musicians, actors, filmmakers, photographers, and other creatives working together. Well, if we can share a high-quality audiovisual experience like this, music videos can certainly be a better use of our time and resources.

Eruption ArtistiqueEruption Artistique / Publicity photo

Their latest ‘HI HA’ essentially is a freedom song, and no wonder since Eruption Artistique is all about love and equality. In the music department they’re all friends from Rotterdam making indie rock n’ roll with Sara’s beautiful voice on front, Bas (vocals, guitar, bass, synth, Drum, organ), and Choca (Brazz). It’s pure rock with electronic sound elements that essentially play a role in their uniqueness. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and their upcoming EP ‘ICON’.

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