Newest Offering From Eruption Artistique ‘Vicar The Licker’ Is A Sonic Achievement To Surely Please The Masses

For an artist to master one medium of art is commendable. For an artist to excel in multiple mediums of art is remarkable. Eruption Artistique is an apropos moniker given to this collection of artists as they combine for a true explosion of music. Their expertise in the different facets of the art community as a whole can be heard in every note of their latest triumph ‘Vicar The Licker’. The phrase “everything including the kitchen sink” is used quite often, and nowhere is it more impactful than here as Eruption Artistique has thrown everything into this song.

The song is undeniably catchy, and within the first moments of hearing the opening synth keys you are hooked. It’s clear to the listener how much fun and experimentation that Eruption Artistique infuse into their music. The song structure is put together so expertly that each of the instruments has its moment to shine. The same goes for the singers as they both bring an energy in their voices that compliments each other without overshining it. The band are purveyors of love, tolerance and equality while they staunchly oppose racism and conservatism. This shines through brightly with this track as the lyrics beautifully imply inclusivity. How this song includes something for everyone. It’s a beautiful sentiment that comes across beautifully from a beautiful group of artists.

Eruption ArtistiqueEruption Artistique / Publicity photo

Their accompanying music video shows in full effect the far-reaching artistic capabilities of this musical force. Given their backgrounds in photography, acting and filmmaking, it’s clear to see that the well spring of creativity at their disposal is insanely deep. It’d fair to say that what Eruption Aristique has to offer the world is truly an embarrassment of riches.


and see 5 Questions with Eruption Artistique below.

5 Questions with Eruption Artistique - RED Rock Magazine

What’s your favorite venue where you’ve performed live so far?

Sara: Favourite venue: the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. Performed there with Anúna during the Celtic Connections festival, apart from it being a beautiful venue I loved wandering around the halls of a museum in the evening (“Night at the museum” vibe!)

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

Vinnie: Went to the toilet @ the office
While entering the floor … I realized I was fully naked ….
A fellow worker asked me…. Milk, sugar or undie?

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done in your life so far?

Alex & Mies: Michel and I spent the weekend with some other folks. One of those guys baked a spacecake, large enough to satisfy everyone.

Anyway, we read a story in the local newspaper about a house (in a small dutch village; Aalten) that is so huge that other houses in the street seemed dwarfed in such immensity. Neighbours were complaining because the mere size of it and the lack of sunlight.

Fun fact; king of the castle turned out to be Angus Young from AC/DC.

The map said it was only a 20 minute drive.

So we had to check it out for ourselves; borrowed’ the cake and of we went.

The cake tasted perfect. A+

The 20 minute drive got prolonged. We got lost, saw a lot of things during the ride; roadsigns, two foxes, Rotterdam, The Hague, a crippled lady, some parts of Germany, Mac Donalds (3 times). Seven hours later we ended up in Raalte (sounds like “Aalten” when you’re high).
Drove back. No Angus.

What’s your favorite book or movie?

Bas: Best book ever written is Earthy Powers by Anthony Burgess. I also love post war American novels. Franzen, Delillo, Salter and Lethem. Recently I also fell in love with David Mitchell. Absolutely fantastic. Next level.
Best Cinema: Pablo Sorrentino. I was totally blown away by the young and New pope. Life changer.

What are five things you can’t live without?

Mike: Sorry, but I don’t have things I cannot live without. Although I love certain things, all of them are not truly important.
No one needs things to truly live.

Here they are:

My son Max. He is my little biggest best friend ever.
My family and my friends.

Risking being marked as a cliche;
This is from the heart.



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