London Quartet ESCAPADES Outdoes Themselves With A Trippy Dive Into A Nostalgic Rock Anthem ‘Look At The Waves’

EscapadesMerciful Sound

From the intro to this magnificent song, I knew I was in for a hell of a ride, or to be more appropriate, a hell of a trip. Back in the 60’s a Common phrase amongst the…enlightened, was to say, “what a long strange trip it’s been”. Now the 60’s were way before my time, but I felt that phrase was appropriate for this song. I immersed myself in this anthemic cut that drips with nostalgia. In my mind’s eye I could see this band fitting in perfectly amongst the concert scene of 1960’s Sunset Strip.

As an audience member you want to slap up a blacklight poster, light some incense and just vibe out to the soothing sounds that Escapades are putting out into the world. This really is a song that you must experience in order to understand. I don’t think my few written words will truly do it the proper justice. I wish I could convey the feelings that they have within this song as well as the magnificent artists that composed it.

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The drums are pounding in a cathartic way which falls into the pattern that lulls the audience to slowly bob their heads which builds to an eruptive crescendo towards the end of the song. Lyrically they are on par with any of their contemporaries. Armed with voices that sound as though they’ve been dipped in honey to relax the listeners, and a uber talented guitar section that would fit in amongst a picky metal band just as well as the alt rock crowd they usually perform for. I say all that to say that the Escapades are not a band to pigeonhole. They are immensely talented and could expertly maneuver across the vast musical landscape should they choose to. Let us hope that they choose to.

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