Indie electro post punk outfit Everything But The Everything brings the timeless 80s vibes in ‘Jump’

Everything But The EverythingPhoto by Alise Albitre

Everything But The Everything music is a journey in which the band members don’t force anything, instead, they identify the initial idea and let each song guide itself.

Starting as a one-man band, Everything But The Everything evolved into a collaborative which is a mixture of indie electro/post punk styles with influences from bands such as Moving Units, Billy Idol, and Depeche Mode. ‘Jump’ takes you on a musical journey with a nonstop beat running towards the unknown. This song will undoubtedly evoke the timeless 80s vibes while bringing the dark, but vibrant touch by songwriters of Everything But The Everything.

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The collaborative group members include the vocalist Danial Lannon, also known as Vacances, Landon Cisneros on drums, Izzy The Gent playing bass and guitars, and Andrew Gomez on synths. Izzy and Vacances The Gent have come a long way since their days as members of the indie eletro band The Frail. It was a thrill for them to reunite and work on new music, and they look forward to further collaborations in the future.

Everything But The EverythingPhoto by Alise Albitre

The majority of the music was recorded in Rex Shelverton’s Secret Studios in San Francisco, and because members reside in different places and they had to work under pandemic limitations, they had to send their stems and communicate via email. Real musicians are unstoppable. If you’re a musician, you’re always a musician, whether there’s a pandemic or a war going on. Music continues.

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