Fanchon Bursts Through Pandemic Enforced Lockdown With Song Sizzling With Kinetic Energy ‘rsm SMiLE’

FanchonFanchon / Publicity photo

When you are introduced to a new band, and off the bat you sense a connection with them due to their sound striking a chord with you it’s a beautiful thing. It’s like the rekindling an old flame. The energy they put out into the universe is triggering a past memory. I took in this song and felt as if I was being reintroduced to an old friend. This song brought me back to a different time and place that I had long forgotten but am still very fond of. When you can pinpoint the different inspirations a band has through listening to their music, you instantly feel as if you now share a bond with that band.

Vocalist Fanchon Dehillotte spoke of listening to lots of grunge and alt rock and you can clearly hear that inspirational source with every chord coming out of her guitar, every beat emanating from Frazer Holloway’s drums and every note uttered from Dehillotte. Her melodic voice adds a beautiful feminine aspect which works surprisingly well with Holloway’s darker edginess. It’s that clash of styles that come together to form a symbiotic and grandiose outpouring of beautifully hypnotic music.

‘rsm SMiLE’ starts out with a low toned guitar intro that lulls the audience in while its slowly raising the volume to a bombastic level setting the tone for the musical journey you are about to embark on with this talented duo. Coming together during the pandemic, Fanchon was built from the ashes of her former band as she combined with Holloway to bring us a beautiful meshing of styles. One that speaks to Fanchon’s truth and honesty. The song was recorded in Holloway’s bedroom which gives it a uniquely gritty and raw feel, which only helps amplify the “truth” of it.


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