Fantømex have released their newest 4-track EP ‘Terraformed’

FantomexPhoto by Geddi Monroe

After releasing their debut album ‘Consent Agenda’ in 2020, Asheville, NC-based indie rock band Fantømex charge forward with their latest hard-hitting and intricate EP ‘Terraformed’.

The newest EP by Fantømex is a shining example of how to make music intricate while keeping it memorable. Math rock can be challenging for the listeners, but it’s just a piece of the puzzle, and they’re delivering the final product with a big bang. This band is tight, has genuine songwriting talent, and has a distinctive sound that will undoubtedly catch everyone’s attention. Their second release, “Terraformed”, will be followed by a sister EP, “Chimera”, the next year.

Their music tends to be fast in general, giving you a feeling like something’s pushing you forward and making you energized. When you press the play button and start listening to the opening track, “Fantomcatz”, you’ll feel that electric bullet instantaneously enter your body.

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When it comes to a band’s distinctive sound, singers do hold a significant amount of weight. After hearing these songs, Abigail Taylor’s voice and singing style seem to tie everything together. Additionally, this is their first release with the band’s current bassist, Max Miller, who brings a lot to the table and has enabled them to further explore the musical ocean’s depths with his take on songwriting and simply generating ideas. With new members, we can expect some changes. The rest of the band members include founding members and longtime friends, guitarist Isaac Crouch and drummer Edwin Mericle who have been playing together for years.

You shouldn’t miss the chance of witnessing Fantømex perform live since they are a genuine rock band with character and vision. Watch for updates!

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