Fast & Fun As Hell Is A Winning Combo For The Energetic MooseTooth ‘It All Tastes The Same’

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They have always said “stick with what you know” and “trust in your true friends to give it to you straight”. Those two sentiments couldn’t be more on point if they tried when taken into consideration the creation of MooseTooth was born out of the ashes of two childhood friends first attempt at forming a band in high school. That didn’t work out so well according to them, but it did lay the foundation to the magnificent music they are currently blessing us with.

I read through their litany of inspirations, and do not find it a bit surprising as MooseTooth is musically all over the place and cannot be contained in one genre. They have a fast an upbeat punk feel to it with gnarly fun riffs that one would attribute the 80’s metal like Van Halen. The fun lyrics reminds me of older punk bands like Screeching Weasel or even a ska band like Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Where, as a band they are immensely talented in their musicianship, but still have a lighthearted air to them. That’s refreshing with all the seriousness that is currently plaguing the world. I find this album to offer a great sense of escapism. They seem to be so talented though that I think if they really wanted to ramp up the serious level a few notches they would still flourish.

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Thomas East’s vocal range travels far and wide across this album showing the powerhouse he is, and Jordan Maddox shows how much of a virtuoso he is with the guitar. I already said there was comparisons to Van Halen on a few of the tracks. These two friends recombining was the beginning of the journey for building up this amazing band. Bring in Sam Purtee’s undeniably rhythmic bassline throughout and Aaron Randall’s maestro like skills behind the drumkit as he lays down the pace, and you have an amazing album. Let’s not forget Thomas East also adds incredible work behind the keys throughout this album. Finally, Michael Klein’s saxophone play would make Tim Capello blush as his added ingredient pumps up the album to another level. As I said they are musically all over the place offering a bit of multiple genres sure to please fans far and wide. Side note: While I thoroughly enjoyed this album in its entirety, the guitar solo on ’Things I Need’ really knocks!

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