FloodHounds Newest ‘Panic Stations’ Is Overflowing With Kinetic Energy As It Gloriously Invades Listener’s Ears

FloodHoundsPhoto by Eleanor Freeman (@ehfproductions)

FloodHounds comes out of the gate with raucous energy with their newest endeavor. It’s pure adrenaline stemming from being locked away unceremoniously amidst the uncertainty brought on by the ongoing global Pandemic. Imagine that you have all this energy building up in you to the point it’s overflowing and you’re about to burst at the seams. Now imagine you have no outlet for that energy. No way to unleash it to the world. That, in essence, is the genesis of Panic Stations. Jack Flynn stated that he wanted to “write a song that echoed us roaring out of lockdown, and back into real life.” Well sir, you have done that wonderfully.

‘Panic Stations’ as implied earlier, is the epitome of raw energy. You hear the fury of each instrument coupled with Flynn’s voice throughout this bombastic track. FloodHounds is a gloriously mashup up mixture of indie, garage rock, blues and grunge. They successfully capture the essence of these individual genres and form them together into a mind melding experience. It’s an experience that although great no matter how you ingest, it is best taken in first-hand amidst a live setting. Their energy is so infectious that you’ll be taken in with it amongst a like-minded crowd.

FloodHounds Panic StationsPhoto by Eleanor Freeman (@ehfproductions)


Flynn’s energetic guitar riffs are backed by Lauren Greaves’ pulse pounding drums and Anna Melidone’s attention grabbing bass play. Together this trio has formed a high energy triumvirate of beautiful soundscapes. I found this song to be a pleasant callback to early White Stripes, and being a fan I was instantly able to connect those dots, which in turn had me quickly becoming enamored with FloodHounds and the music they are unleashing onto this world. Being pent up for two years amidst the Pandemic, if you are looking for a soundtrack to encapsulate your feelings, then look no further.



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