Following The Lead Of Celebrities Should Never Be Your Go-To When It Comes To Making Life Choices

Dave Chappelle@ John Bauld

You sit there and are engrossed with an audacious plot as it plays out on the silver screen in front of you. One where the hero of the tale is manhandling the villain but causing immeasurable amounts of collateral damage in his wake. You think, “I’d love to do something like that”. You put yourself in his shoes and imagine standing triumphantly atop your bested foe ready to reap the spoils of victory. In reality though, your wanton destruction has displaced numerous families, destroyed property that might never recover and you’re finding yourself with a mountain of debt resulting from your actions. Numerous lawsuits filed against you and whatnot. Why did I choose this anecdote to start the article? Well, it’s to show the difference between fantasy and reality, and the danger that comes with blurring the line between the two.

People are inundated with so much media on a daily basis that they start feeling the confidence they display on that screen. Not taking into consideration the sad truth that celebrities are able to get away with stuff your average joe cannot. They live in a world that is not wholly devoid of consequences, but the distribution of punishment is a tad bit lopsided depending on your level of celebrity and financial status. That still doesn’t stop people from filling themselves with unwarranted bravery/stupidity when they see a celebrity doing something that they feel can get away with as well.

Case in point, you have this idiot who thought it was a good idea to rush the stage and tackle Dave Chappelle during his comedy set. Now, I’m not sure if he felt this was a good idea because he saw Will Smith getting away with slapping Chris Rock, but he clearly didn’t see the difference between two millionaire celebrities having an altercation and him, an average joe ATTACKING a celebrity with a deadly weapon. There is a huge difference, and for his idiocy I’d say justice with duly served. His idiotic behavior earned him a slew of broken bones and bruises courtesy of Dave Chappelle’s friends followed by a cozy holding cell with a large bail price tag and infamy for being a dumbass.

I said all this to say, that maybe in his infinite LACK of wisdom he took inspiration from what he saw Will Smith do and thought it wise to do something like him. I guess what I’m getting at is that people who are in the constant eye of the public should take care for what behavior they display, because you never know what idiots are watching and will get (not so) bright ideas of their own which can cause great harm to others. Luckily Dave Chappelle’s friends were quick to make sure he was not harmed, and the only harm suffered was by the dumbass who tried causing harm to Dave Chappelle.


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