Forbidden Door No More: OnlyFans And The Popularization Of The Sex Industry


For as long as humans have been inhabiting this planet, sex in one form or another has been a business. There is no denying that, though prior to recent times it has been perceived a dirty thing. Something that was spoke about in hushed tones and kept separate from your daily life. It was hidden behind a curtain. Well, now that curtain is gone.

While the sex trade was once looked down upon by much of society (even the stuffy businessmen that took part in it behind closed doors and in back alleys), with Onlyfans it now is looked at through rose-colored lenses. It even could be described as a common way to make money. I say common cause it is amazing to me the amount of people out there are making hand over fist money from entering that trade.

Some have referred to it as a “side-hustle” as most online money-making ventures are referred to with the same terminology, but the worrying aspect of Onlyfans is that young people who are about to turn 18 and enter the work force or are recently made part of the workforce are throwing in the towel to go for the easy money. I don’t think they understand the gravity of putting their bodies etc. on display on Onlyfans. They don’t grasp that anybody with $4.99 (or $9.99 or $5,99 or whatever your subscription is) can see you in all your glory. Imagine the impact of a “creepy” person who has been lusting after you, and now that they’ve subscribed to your account, they might feel empowered to approach you in the real world. They might even attack you. That s**t is scary. The amount of long-term damage to a person’s psyche is unmeasurable. Look, I’m not trying to knock or shame anybody in how they want to make a buck. It’s their body and their choice. Once they are adults and they can do whatever they want. Just understand the ramifications.

This is just one person’s opinion, but I think a major factor why making a bulk of your income via Onlyfans is a perfect storm of reasons. First, it’s people’s waning work ethic. Nowadays people don’t want to put in work for their money (or at least what is generally considered work). It’s indicative of the instant gratification needs that has overrun general society. Secondly, it’s the poor working conditions that has infected much of the work force during current times. Unsympathetic management to workers needs, and mental/physical abuse of workers. Third it’s the rising costs of EVERYTHING in life without having your jobs payment reflect that. So, with those reasons coming together, I think that is what has ushered people into the Onlyfans arena. As I said, it’s their choice. I just hope that their choice is being made with an educated mind. Hell, it was just a few years ago when a person would lose their mind if one of their nude pictures “leaked” onto the internet. Now, people are paying their rent with those same images. It’s crazy how times have changed.


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