Neon-Soaked Streets of LA Are Ever Present In Futurelust’s Latest ‘Vice’

FuturelustPhoto by Ryan Chisesi

The headline of this article could be construed as confusing. How is the visual of “neon-soaked streets” present in a song? It’s a vibe and a feeling that one would attribute to those visuals. It’s sense memory. You hear a lyric, or a note and your mind is instantly transported back to a time and a place from the past. You conjure up a recollection of that time and place due that song spurring a memory. That’s what ‘Vice” does for me, and I think it’s a safe assessment that it will do for you as well.

‘Vice’ embodies LA through ever chord, every riff, every lyric and beat. It oozes the imagery you have of LA. Whether you’ve been there or only visited through a film’s depictions. You see the neon lights reflected off the wet streets post storm. The seedy looking man on the corner in a cowboy hat smoking a Marlboro. The street overwrought with a mish mosh of eclectic people. From the street kids to the bands in search of fame, to the gawkers trolling Sunset hoping to see and be seen. This song feels like an energetic Friday night at the Whiskey.

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From the opening riff you are engaged, and when it’s followed up by the tantalizing beat and the singer’s enthralling voice you are pulled into this world hook, line, and sinker. You’re immersed and there is no going back. When the song kicks into high gear you almost feel as if you’re in a dangerous place, yet it feels so immensely exciting. When the eruptive guitar solo kicks in you feel as if you are now fully transported into the fabled Sunset Strip of yesteryear. It’s a situation where you are torn between wishing you had experienced it firsthand and enjoying your imagination of what it was like. Futurelust has acted masterful narrators for this epic adventure you are going on with them.

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