Garrow Hill has released a new song called ‘Depths’

Garrow HillGarrow Hill / Publicity photo

York, England-based two-piece creative collaboration Garrow Hill is here with a new tune ‘Depths’, a song with hard rocking and punk-ish feel that will make you want to bang your head and give you food for thought.

Garrow Hill is a collaboration between lifelong friends Stewart King and P.G. Branton who have been worked on musical projects together for over 32 years. They met at secondary school in York and shared love for 80s hard rock and metal, which was a significant motivator for them to pick up musical instruments and make music a part of their lives.

‘Depths’ is a song that embodies both straight-up hard rock feel with a punk rock attitude. You’ll hear big guitar riffs, strong vocals, and driving upbeat drumming. The second part of the song will delight you with a lyrical guitar solo and perfectly harmonized vocals that will make you want to listen to it again and again.

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The primary function of music is to connect emotionally or engage the listener physically, and Garrow Hill always aim to write meaningful songs that connect first and foremost with them as authors, and then they hopefully can connect with the audiences. The band often sings about existential thoughts, finding anything with sense or order in the midst of chaos. ‘Depths’ was written by Stew King and recorded by Joe Graves at Inner Sound Studios in late 2020. It’s about the depths we go to in life which can either make us sink or swim.

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