Ghost Arcadia Epitomizes Irony As Their Masterful New Track BREAKS Onto The Music Scene ‘Never Break’

Intensity personified. That’s the most apropos I can describe Ghost Arcadia’s newest opus. It is hard hitting as it connects with both fists right between the eyes. It’s one of those hits that don’t really hurt but instead serves as a reaffirmation that you’re alive. The type of hit you’d get when an errant elbow connects with your jaw amidst a mosh pit. Sure, in any other scenario that most likely would hurt like hell, but in that pit as your adrenaline is going a thousand miles an hour, you just feel alive.

I was instantly drawn into this ‘Never Break’ as it sparked memories of the club scene in my youth. The sulfur smell of the smoke scene wafting through the air and the hypnotic and pulsating strobe lights emanating all around you. Feet slipping on the sweat-soaked floor. That’s the feeling that conjured into my brain as I listened to this song. It’s only fitting that those are my feelings as through research I found a quote from lead vocalist Rueben Beau Davies. He said, “This song is a helping hand for anyone who’s ever been knocked down and felt like they couldn’t get back up again…it’s about the 7 times before the 8th”.

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Davies’ voice is majestic in the sense he’s able to seamlessly maneuver through different vocal styles from carrying the songs melody to transitioning into a more rap-based flow. Anthony Hollis adds the perfect amount of synths to elevate the song stylistically while Adam Ford’s manipulation of the guitar is as hard-edged and visceral as they come. Pedro Jonatas bass throughline is palpable and Ali McCreadie’s rapid blasting of the drums amps up the intensity tenfold. A quick aside, there is a layer to this production in the beginning that sounds like the growing roar of an audience. If that was the intended effect, it is genius level.

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