Gina Williams release her new rock album titled “Toxic Love”

Gina WilliamsGina Williams at the piano | Publicity photo

Gina Williams is an artist who does not limit herself to doing just one thing. She’s not only a pianist, singer, songwriter, and composer – she’s also an actress, having appeared in shows like “The Man in the High Castle”, “Rogue”, and “Minority Report”. She’s doing it all and is constantly looking for new ways to express herself artistically and sharing her gifts with the world.

She’s an award-winning multi-genre performing artist who is not afraid of challenges and has written songs and/or performed in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Punjabi, Turkish, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese languages.

Gina has written music in a variety of genres, including Classical, Gospel EDM, Pop, and Symphonic Rock, and has five full-length albums to date.

Gina WilliamsGina Williams | Publicity photo

Today we have the pleasure of sharing Gina Williams’ latest rock album “Toxic Love”. Listening to the album in its entirety will reveal classic flavors as well as a modern, more electronic rock music approach as seen through Gina Williams’ eyes. Her voice has soul, and she should definitely write more rock songs in the future because they suit her so well, and we believe rock music is what energizes and liberates people.

Three favorite songs handpicked by RED Rock Magazine’s staff

If we had to pick three favorite songs from this album, they would be “Animal”, “Lions” and “Angry Bird”.

What’s yours?



5 Questions with Gina Williams - RED Rock Magazine

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

GINA: “I was being interviewed by Stephen Colbert in a place that looked like a cabin in the bedroom. There was nothing creepy, perverted, or weird about it – he was just asking questions about my career and the dream ended with him telling me that he really liked Opera…”

If your life was a movie, what it would be called?


Do you wake up early or late in the mornings?

GINA: “Frighteningly early. Between 4-6 AM. Late for me is 8 or 9 AM (which can happen if I’m up until 2 AM the night before).”

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

GINA: “Originally a cat girl. But dogs are lovely too.”

What are five things you can’t live without?

GINA: “Food. Prayer. Love. Hope. Music.”

Gina Williams has upcoming performances this year at the Firehouse Center For The Arts in Washington and the Mountain View Center For The Performing Arts in California (May 15th), with more shows to be announced.

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