GLDN releases debut EP ‘First Blood’

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Brooklyn, NY-based industrial music outfit GLDN is here with a debut EP ‘First Blood’, featuring 6 tracks that every listener who wants it darker will enjoy very much.

When you listen to the 3rd track ‘Ripe’ from GLDN’s First Blood EP, tell me you’re not falling in love. This EP is bad, scary, violent, sexy, and overall beautifully dark. I want to say it’s perfect in absolutely every way, whether we’re talking about the sound of the production and sonic effects, its style, or vibes it gives to you. You know, it’s late at night as I’m writing this article, and listening to this magnificent piece of art creates a new kind of setting of where you are. The next track, ‘(harmful if swallowed)’, it fades in smoothly that you don’t really notice, and it got me. Especially at the moment when there’s a sudden hit on the “wrong” note on the piano. Goddamn, this music is a trip.

Listen to ‘First Blood’ EP on Spotify

Surely, immediately after hearing this masterpiece, you probably want to find out who’s behind this. Back in 2017 in Brooklyn, New York, GLDN was founded by mastermind Nicholas Golden. He doesn’t really want to put this project in one genre, but it belongs in the fields of industrial music, metal, and crust punk. Well, it also belongs to film soundtracks if you ask me. This music has a physical effect on your body, and plays tricks with your mind.

A message from Golden to you, the listener:

“Art should cause people to question themselves, their beliefs, and their actions. It should be a way to turn a mirror to each listener or even society as a whole and force them to really take a good hard look at themselves.”

Now, you can not only hear GLDN’s music on the record, but you can also see it live. If you feel a connection when listening to ‘First Blood’, don’t pass up the opportunity to see the live performance. Check out the tour dates and stay tuned for more updates!

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