Hard-hitting Concept Hits Even Harder With Ferocious Guitars, Battering Drums And Biting Lyrics in GLDN’s ‘Suicide Machine’

When I first read up on the thoughts put into the creation of ‘Suicide Machine’ I felt an immediate kinship to the artist. To hear the meaning behind this masterful song and realize it’s as if he ripped it straight my brain, I felt as if “well damn, it’s good to meet like-minded individuals”. Anybody that knows me knows that one of my most common gripe sin life is peoples over reliance on social media and caping for likes etc. I always knew I wasn’t alone in my thoughts, but can you imagine my excitement now that I had a soundtrack to emphasize my thoughts?

Nicholas Golden, the mastermind behind the hard-hitting GLDN rock band, is somebody I could have a beer with. We’d both sit belly up at the bar with snarls on our faces and shooting daggers from our eyes at the other patrons who aren’t interaction and are instead “stunting for the Gram” on their phones. This music that GLDN has created is enough to drive a spike of energy right through your spine. To make you want to hit the dancefloor clad in black, with strobe-lights set to the beat of ‘Suicide Machine’, and the unmistakable stench of sulfur emanating from the smoke machine, as you dance maniacally as if you’re possessed. This song has that capability to it.

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GLDN has created a song that would fit perfectly amidst the soundtrack of The Crow or Seven. It has that cinematic feel that perfectly capture the 90’s industrial punk stylings that were prevalent. Trent Reznor would not only be proud listening to this. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tipped his cap to Mr. Golden. Sonically this song hits all the sweet spots. The soundscapes that GLDN has created are hyper-charged and makes the audience want to reflect on themselves. Question whether or not they are part of the solution or the problem when it comes to society’s overreliance on social media, likes and needs of other’s acceptance.

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