Brooklyn-based Trio Grandpa Jack Exudes Grittiness Of Rock With Their Newest ‘Once Bitten’

Grandpa JackPhoto by Jake Calonius

I’m going to start this review a bit different from any other review I’ve ever done. This in fact is going to start from out of left field as I reference two other bands that aren’t Grandpa Jack. The two bands in question are Priestess and Wolfmother. I mention these two bands as they are two of my favorites to come out in the past twenty years. I mention them because from the opening of ‘Once Bitten’ I felt that familiar tingle in my spine that I got from them. The energy pumping out of my speakers had an impact on me reminiscent of theirs. In other words, Grandpa Jack, take my money please. I’m buying what you’re selling.

The energy they bring forth into the world with their musicianship is kinetic. It’s the type that you feel bubbles under the surface of everything it touches before it is set to explode. The topic of this masterpiece of a song’s narrative is one that will resonate with the masses. It’s about the gut feeling you get when you know someone in your life has bad intentions. We’ve all been there, in that situation, and some might still be trapped there. This song serves as a catharsis for all that are privileged enough to hear it.

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All three of these uber-talented musicians share the songwriting duties and each add their own flair to that category. The lyrics are without a doubt on point. John Strom’s vocals are emphatic, and his guitar play is mean and nasty. It lets you know you are about to get you’re a** kicked with its grimy sounds. Jared Schapker brings in an indelible bass line that will stick to your insides as you ingest this song, and finally Matt C. White’s hard hitting and bombastic drums thump you to your very core. White’s a walking and talking embarrassment of riches as he also happens to provide vocals for “Once Bitten”. This is just a trifecta of uber talented musicians.  You find yourself afterwards spent as if you’ve been throttled by an audible monster. Hats off to this band, and eagerly look forward to what’s next from them.

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