Greenlights Music Has Made A Career Of Delivering Hearty Music That Sticks To Your Bones

Now I have long been a lover of music spanning myriad genres, but one genre that has been integral to my life since 1983 was hip hop. I was introduced to it in that pivotal year where I was 6 years old and never looked back.

I grew with it through it’s many iterations seeing it pivot through a variety of styles, yet always remaining true to its core. Then, in the early 2000’s I had become somewhat disillusioned with the offerings of hip hop, though it was mainly because at the time I was working at a bar which only played top 40 (which I was not a fan of), and I wasn’t privy to the surging underground music scene. Then one fateful night occurred, where a friend of mine invited me to a concert with a full lineup of underground acts. It was there which I first had the privilege of hearing an amazing group called Abstract Giants (whose members would later form Greenlights Music). Their music grabbed me hook, line, and sinker. I heard them and felt the love that I had originally felt in 1983. From there on in I felt a kinship to their style of music and knew our paths would cross later in life. Cut to 20 years on, and I have had the honor of directing multiple music videos for this talented group of musicians as well as a slew of live performances. The music they inject into the world at large is music that one must not just listen to, but to experience as the music they create has an event feeling to it. It offers a complete vibe that will resonate with audiences after they’ve left the concert or pressed stop on their headphones.

It always impresses when a group comes together with varying personalities but unites under a singular vision. Producer RP (Andres Roldan) has consistently put together project after project that exist on their own plane thematically yet are in line with the overall vision behind Greenlights Music. When ingesting the amazing music courtesy of this talented group you get to see each member’s personality shine through the rhythm, beats, and the lyrics. The aforementioned RP utilizes his wizard-like mastery behind the boards as he infuses his creative fingers into all that comes out the other end. What comes out the other end is courtesy of talented emcees, vocalists and uber talented musicians. Thought provoking wordplay that inspires listeners comes from the minds of the insanely talented lyricists RP (wearing multiple hats) Casagrown, Abitight, Amanu and the newest addition to Greenlights Music Bob Rok. Beautiful harmonious vocals bless our oratory senses thanks to the talented pipes of vocalist Willow Wells who exudes an impressive vocal range. Immeasurably talented guitarist RB and bassist Jake Samson have been adding the extra spices to the full meals of musical joy that Greenlights Music have been cooking up for years.

Now, as I stated earlier, I have had the honor of working closely with this incomparable music collective on numerous occasions, so I’d have thought I’d seen all the tricks in their bag at this point. Boy, was I so very, very wrong. Their bag of tricks is obviously bottomless as they continue to amaze and astound listeners with something wholly different and unique with each project in comparison to their last outing, With their newest offering called ‘Solid Gold Gravy’ they have crafted an album which is equipped form end to end with goodies to tantalize audiences with. ‘Solid Gold Gravy’ is jam packed with so much talent that it’ll leave any musical connoisseur with the most discernable of musical appetites sated after ingesting it. From the opening skit featuring Emcee/Comedian Bob Rok’s alter ego ‘Jerry Blowkiss’, to the opening theme track featuring soulful vocals by Willow Wells, and all the way through the entire playlist that features Casagrown and Amanu adding their unique lyrical styles to tracks such as ‘Bird Brains’, Abitight, who lays the lyrical gauntlet down on tracks like ‘House Of Pain’, and Emcee/Producer RP, who delivers his rapid fire lyrical output throughout this masterful album. Also, on board this exceptional gravy train some amazing features courtesy of some other insanely talented guest emcees Doc Wattson and Kastaway, who both join Bob Rok on ‘Formal”. Last, but most certainly not least, the Chicago legend himself Alo provides all the cuts for the album. Each song on this album is a veritable standout and only further proves how talented a collective Greenlights Music truly is.

Now, as I’ve stated, this album will not only whet your appetite, but also it will leave you feeling stuffed with good music. That much is guaranteed. However, and I strongly suggest this, if you feel yourself hungry for more after digging into this album, then I’d be a wise move for you to take a deep dive into this talented group’s back catalogue, as they have more than enough exceptional music to keep you invigorated for a good long while. With everything under Greenlights Music as well as Abstract Giants and Badwolff. Just a whole lot of goodness for your listening pleasure.

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