Gritty And Fun Explosion Of Musical Genres Collide To Create The Mars McClanes Latest ‘The Liar’

The Mars McClanes The Liar Enhanced e1668682488490The Mars McClanes / Photo by Brian Corley

Loud, brash, braggadocios, always willing to shift the focus in every room they are in onto themselves. They need the spotlight. We ALL know the type. Everybody knows the type. Truth is though, if you don’t, then thankfully The Mars McClanes have arrived to aid in the situation. They have crafted an amazing anthem, if you will, for those people. It could easily serve as their theme song. Plus, make no mistake about it, it is catchy as hell. A powerhouse ride for the listeners.

The opening gnarly guitar riffs kick in, and I automatically feel as if I’m transported into some sawdust on the floor, bar fighting, rough and rugged small-town bar. One where the aforementioned type would fit right in. Sitting amongst empty beer bottles and an over-stuffed ashtray as he is spewing his tall tales to anyone who is willing to listen. Pull a bar stool up because you’re about to some doozies. The ironic thing is that in this situation, “the doozy” you are hearing is a down-right amazing song courtesy of The Mars McClanes.

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‘The Liar’ really ticks all the boxes when it comes to crafting a song that is enjoyable on a mass appeal level. The gnarly guitar, check. The fast-paced driving drums, check. The charismatic front man with an engaging voice that traverses vocal styles, check. This band has it all. Brian Corley’s voice is so engaging that it draws you in, while Russ Chapman’s mastery with the guitar as he makes it sing throughout is worth the price of admission alone, and Paul Constantine holds down the fort with great aplomb from behind the drum kit. Upon hearing this, The Mars McClanes had instantly found a new fan in me, and I am eagerly searching out their other music to vibe with.

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