Halleys Komet releases a self-titled debut album

Halleys KometPhoto by Marius Engeli Andersson

Hamar, Norway-based rock & roll band Halleys Komet brings back the sweet and classic sound with their own vision in their latest self-titled debut album.

Halleys Komet’s music is a breath of fresh air, while combining elements from the 1970s and 1980s to create their unique sound. If you missed the guitar solos, now is the chance to lay back and enjoy their newest album. You definitely should, especially since one of the band members spent his whole student loan to make this album and get some guitar gear. There’s no finer example of determination. It’s a reminder to us that in this life (technically), we have nothing to lose, and we should take it day by day, aiming to do things what we’ve always loved and desired.

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From faster, energetic beats to slower and wider rock ballads, this Halleys Komet’s album gifts the listener with various options for all kinds of moods, and occasions, but it’s safe to say that the general mood for this album is hopeful, and uplifting. The album was recorded at Dakkota studios in Hamar by band members Heine Gillerhaugen (lead guitar), Nikolas Møller (guitar and keyboard), Nikolai Selmer-Olsen (drums), Espen Forårsveen (bass), and Walter Berg (vocals), with popular session musician Ørunlv Snortheim being in front of production. Following the recording and mixing in Hamar, the songs were mastered in Trondheim by Roar Nubdal at his studio, Studio Nubdal.

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