HANA PIRANHA Draws in Audiences to a Dark and Mesmerizing World with Intoxicating Narrative ‘Fucked Up Feeling’

Imagine yourself in Alice’s place journeying down the rabbit hole on an otherworldly adventure, only this time it’s seemingly much darker and overwrought with gloom and doom. All these images are conjured in my mind’s eye as I embark on this Hana Piranha guided tour into her own mind. HANA PRANHA engrosses with her captivating energy that grabs you by your head as she beautifully conveys her message to you. You might as well strap in your seat belt and sit tight as this is one hell of a ride that you won’t want to miss a second of.

‘Fucked Up Feeling’ is just another stop along HANA’S long artistic journey through life. It’s another chapter of her life’s journal that she so freely shares with the world through her music. The intricacies of her lyrics paint vivid images into the listener’s minds. It’s an adventure to say the least that you’ll be glad you went on, and that you took the red pill.

Hana PiranhaPhoto by Scott Chalmers

Hana is an obviously accomplished singer who is equally talented behind a multitude of instruments. Her boundless talent comes across swimmingly in this masterful piece that will leave her fans pleased.


To overload on the bounty of blessings HANA has given the world with this latest offering there is an accompanying music video. Shot and edited beautifully it displays a sprinkling of the insane imageries that are conjured in HANA’S mind. Suffice it to say that this is only a small offering, and for one to visually capture a deep dive into her mind the budget would have to rise exponentially to successfully display the amazing images that reside in her beautiful mind. Go ahead and buy a ticket, get in your seat, and enjoy the ride into HANA PIRANHA’S mind.

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