Hard As Hell And Full Of Emphatic Energy Comes Unexpected Fall’s Newest ‘Deadly Obsession’

unexpected fallPhoto by Martina Gygax

Musically Unexpected Fall comes through the doors with both guns blazing as they unload both clips upon listeners with the full array of their musical chops shining on this magnificent track. As many readers know, I am a visual person. That comes into play with music especially as I instinctively concoct imagery to a song when I hear it. Either that or I’ll find already existing visuals that this song would fit right in with. Mark ‘Deadly Obsession” as being no different. I connected with this amazing song, and it caused my mind to creatively soar.

Imagine a dusty bar inhabited by bandits counting their bounty. The barkeep is behind the bar washing dishes with fear in his eyes. Fear that is brought upon by his current patrons. The lead bandit is holding a woman against her will as he seems amused with himself. The front door swings open followed by a cyclone of dust highlighted by the sunlight that floods into the bar. Emerging from the dusty display is a man cloaked in shadows who instantly dispatches the bandits and rescuing the woman and getting the money. Anyway, that was just a quick scene that filled my head while listening to this banger of a song. Art is subjective of course, and I’m sure the members of Unexpected Fall have different ideas that would be more fitting to accompany this song. They are its creator after all.

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Now, onto this song that ticks all the boxes. It opens with an attitude induced guitar riff backed by emphatically thunderous drums instantly laying out on the table the amount of energy you are in store for. Then when the lyrics come in the range and display is beyond remarkable as it traverses through melodic singing and rage filled shouts while also adding in the guttural vocals you would accompany with the 90’s grunge angst that Unexpected Fall cites as its inspiration. The guitar solo that kicks in just beyond halfway through the song is exhilarating. This is a band to bookmark and keep an eye on as the sky is surely the limit for them. Come to fins out ‘Deadly Obsession’ is just scratching the surface with the goods they have to offer. They just released their full-length album Dark Beautiful Mind, which is a treasure trove of goodies that you’d be best to check as it does not fail to deliver.

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