HeadFury collaborate with Nicola Mcleod in a catchy song ‘Hideaway’

Global rock trio HeadFury and South African singer-songwriter Nicola Mcleod collaborate on “Hideaway”, a single off their latest EP “Rebirth”.

Passionate vocal melodies, addicting guitar work, and hard-hitting drumming are among HeadFury’s trademarks. Their latest ‘Hideaway’ is a vibrant and incredibly catchy emo pop-rock song reminiscent of early Paramore, which appears to have been impossible to achieve without collaboration with Nicola Mcleod, a well-known South African female vocalist. Her voice fits so well together with the band’s lead vocalist Gideon Kretschmer. Mcleod’s presence has coursed through various projects as a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. Her works display her abilities playing and creating music in a variety of genres, including pop, R&B, country, rock, and more.

Behind the sound frequencies, ‘Hideaway’ is about taking the time to slow down, be more present, and recognize what pieces of the puzzle are missing in your life, which may often feel like a never-ending race for survival, especially if you’re a creative soul. It’s about taking the necessary steps to live a better, happier life.

It’s one of the tracks in HeadFury’s latest EP ‘Rebirth’, which features six beautiful compositions. Hit the play button and enjoy the music.

Listen to ‘Rebirth’ EP

HeadFury’s band members include South Africa-based Vince van der Walt on guitar and bass and Wayne de Bruyn playing drums, together with the lead vocalist Gideon Kretschmer from the UK. They met in 2005 and after all these years they’re working together and providing value to the world of rock by releasing masterfully produced songs like ‘Hideaway’.

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