Hello Amnesia Has Bulldozed Their Way Into A Crowded Musical Landscape By Offering A Sound That Is Sure To Please In ‘Suzy Blue’

Hello Amnesia@averyalexandriaart

Trying to nail down Hello Amnesia’s sound might be a difficult task. I mean, it’s a sound that’s reminiscent to music I’ve heard before, but their approach is so different that it gives their music a fresh appeal to it. A ‘brand new” vibe if you will. All I can do upon hearing this beautiful music is to start conjuring up images in my head that I feel fit with the music I’m hearing. Hearing this song makes me feel that I’m in a roadside desert bar with chicken wire separating the stage from the dance floor, and I’m watching Hello Amnesia inject pure adrenaline into the crowd who has never been privy to a band like them before.

I’d read that to listen to Hello Amnesia and truly appreciate them, then you must crank the speakers all the way up. Truer words have never been spoken. Their energy is so infectious one needs to hear them at the highest possible volume. From the cool swagger in the lyrics, to the energized guitar riffs, thumping drums and the intoxicating bass line. This is all a treat to behold.


I stated earlier that it’s hard to place their sound, and the more I think about it the reason is their sound has formed from a multitude of sources. To me it sounds like they took a pinch of rock, a dash of rockabilly, threw in a little funk and bit of soul, threw it in the oven and cooked up something brand new. They took what came before them and evolved it into what is coming next on this great plane of existence we call the musical landscape. If you ever take any of my advice, then take this. Do not miss out on Hello Amnesia.

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