HNTRS has released a new powerful single ‘The Crown’

HNTRSLouis David

HNTRS |ˈhʌntəz | hails from Belgium and is a relatively new rock band BUT with origins dating back to the early 2000s. Labeling themselves as natural metal music, many rock music fans will find something fitting to their taste in the latest HNTRS’ release ‘The Crown’.

‘The Crown’ is their second release, a 6-and-a-half minute composition which embodies plenty of dynamics, intricate instrumentals and melancholic vocals. The song develops slowly, from a gloomy intro with small touches of ‘hope’, if you will, and development only continues as the song grows in strength and variety of moods, and tones. HNTRS’ music is like an ocean, a constant stream with endless musical inhalation and exhalation. The intro will simply drag you in, so hit the play button and let the magic happen.

Listen to ‘The Crown’ on Spotify

HNTRS is about to play live and present intimate live performances using only red bars as a source of light. I can already picture how fantastic that would be. Check out their upcoming events to see when HNTRS come to rock your town.

‘The Crown’ is available for streaming and downloading since March 16, 2022.

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