Horse Doctor release new single ‘Sinking’

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If we think of a family we are aware that there will be quarrels, different ideas and many, many discussions. Just as in a family, in a musical group the same logic applies. There are different goals, different ways of conceiving music and different musical tastes, but the sense of union is so strong to build something together.

Horse Doctor, a Canadian rock band, was born this way, from musical passion without a creative idea at the beginning, in fact they were an At The Drive-In cover band. After that, they realized that they worked not only for the songs they played, but for their alchemy, for the idea of an original and always evolving sound. In fact, if we think about the components of the band, we will see how many characteristics are in contradiction.

Jake (guitar, vocals) is obsessed with tonal and structural complexity, in fact he absolutely wants to enrich every song with very sophisticated elements as other bands he is inspired by would do. Arseni, the drummer, prefers simplicity and the quest to find something engaging from the first second. Binh, on guitar, has an idea of sound without silences where the music must cover every sonic space, every second of the performance. Finally, Liam, the bassist, wants to challenge conventions. All these conceptions, these ways of approaching music and creativity, all seem to be in conflict, however in every family there are discussions, as we said, the important thing is that they are healthy.

Horse Doctor - Sinking - LiveHorse Doctor / Publicity photo


From a healthy conflict of ideas, a masterpiece can be born, a compromise can be born that can agree with everyone. If everyone agrees, it is very likely that the sound is appealing to many. What you can perceive from their songs is just the search for that balance of voices we were talking about. They call themselves grunge, so of course think of Nirvana, Alice in Chains and all of those very important bands. Mainly produced in the state of Washington, this style of music has captured many for the action of mixing different sub genres such as hard rock, punk rock, heavy metal, hardcore punk, psychedelic rock and post-hardcore. Horse Doctor comes from that very world and like so many other artists are trying to find their own recognizable sound.

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