Hostile Array Takes On Organized Religion With The Insane Genre Bending Track ‘Cult’

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Taking on structured religion is quite the task but suffice to say Hostile Array has done just that with great aplomb. Researching the song, I read lead vocalist talk about and could can read between the lines of his words to see the disaffection he feels towards organized religion. More specifically, the evangelical church. He’s seen firsthand the hypocrisy that exists within the church and has chosen that to be his subject matter with which to create a masterful song. My hat’s off to you sir. You have done that in spades.

Hostile Array has taken on a task of herculean proportions by expertly blending multiple genres into once succinct piece. One that is memorable and will stick to your bones for quite some time after you’ve given it a listen. They’ve imbued this song with a trap beat, injected it with a healthy dose of metal guitar riffs, and have it all backed by the epic and anthemic voice of Frey. This song seems to be, for all intents and purposes, the perfect storm of creativity. It hits all the right spots, and never fails to disappoint.

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This quintet has combined their forces as they bring an insane amount of musical ability to the table and have gifted us with ‘Cult’. Everything just clicks with these gentlemen. The aforementioned Brendan Frey blows the roof off with his epic vocal range. Garrison Frey and Hector Fernandez gift us with astounding guitar riffs that could have easily been included into a memorable metal song of the 80’s. They are wholly original but are that good. Rounded out by Brody Barbour’s Bass and Fredy Menjivar’s bombastic drums, you begin to realize how integral each of these five men are in creating musical magic.


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