Social Commentary Of Bad Parenting And It’s Adverse Effects On Full Display With Hyattsvillian New Innovative Song ‘Kids Don’t Buy Groceries’

Hyattsvillian pulls absolutely zero punches with their blatant commentary of poor parenting, and its long-lasting effects on future generations. Kicking in the door from the opening bass chords that are followed up with strategically placed drumbeats leaves the tone set for Hyattsvillain to narrate this story with an air of it being a cautionary tale. The song is unapologetically “in your face” about the harm that comes with raising a child wrong.

The zenith of this song was spawned from a chance encounter in a grocery store. Hyattsvillian stated as such with “We were in the grocery store and this obese woman was carting around an obese toddler and filling her cart with soda, cookies and the most unhealthy food in the whole place. We didn’t say anything in the moment, so we wrote this song to lash out.”

HyattsvillainHyattsvillain / Publicity photo

This is not an uncommon practice amongst artists in any medium. Be it music, movies or literature, artists are prone to filling their art with life experiences, both good and bad. Hyattsvillian has done that masterfully with ‘Kids Don’t Buy Groceries’. They’ve unloaded all their angst over what they witnessed and injected into their music. That is a cathartic experience that is only helping them grow artistically.


This banger of a song that immediately energizes its listeners has been blessed with a masterfully animated video by Kevin Travers of Empire Animate. In the accompanying video we are entertained by Grady The Clown lecturing everybody at a parent-teacher conference. The song does a wonderful job of pointing out that these kid’s bad habits are learned through watching the adults who are supposed to be serving as a positive influence. Hyattsvillian is a group that needs to be kept on your radar.

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