Indie Artist ‘I Forget Myself’ Bursts Out Of The Gates With a Hard-Hitting Banger Of An Album ‘Repine Forest’

I Forget Myself

It takes an artist of a certain caliber to create indelible art that will stand the test of time and stick to your bones. Once such artist has emerged onto the music scene with an album that delivers on all counts. The thing is this uber talented musician isn’t wet behind the ears, instead he is a seasoned veteran who brings with him into the making of this stellar album over two decades of experience that he has sewn into every note and lyric.

I Forget Myself is a rare breed of musician that can literally tick all the boxes when one thinks about what they need create an epic album. With ‘Repine Forest’, this man does it all. He knows the success of this album will solely live or die with him, and so he made sure his fingers were working every aspect of the album’s creation, save for the drums provided by the masterful Kyle Reece Williams. Every other aspect has been provided by I Forget Myself. A man who truly wears many hats.

To help polish the sounds being cultivated is the talented studio mixing engineer Johan Heyns, who helped tie everything I Forget Myself was creating into a pretty package. Sonically this is a genre spanning masterpiece that flirts with electronica, dabbles in some indie rock, and has a bit of alt rock flavor to it. The vocal range displayed throughout is on point as it shows limitations are not in, I Forget Myself’s vocabulary as he is a talent to behold. The album can be found on a multitude of streaming platforms throughout the world, and I for one hope that he finds an audience that appreciates his genius as the album deserves to be heard far and wide by the masses.

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