Indra Evokes Cinematic Imagery As She Conjures Up An Emotional Connection With Her Audience ‘The Witch’

Indra The WitchPhoto by Andrea Zagli

An embarrassment of riches. That is the best way I can easily describe Indra. She is a talent that is chock-full of myriad mysteries that slowly reveal themselves to listeners. Much like the layers of an onion slowly revealing more goodness hidden deep within. As an audience member you find yourself standing in awe as you start to see all that emanates from this astounding individual. She’s blessed with a majestic voice, and wait, she plays the piano too? She writes lyrics and composes music as well. What can’t she do? Apparently, nothing. She’s a talent unto herself.

The lyrics Indra has constructed for the mesmerizing ‘The Witch’ are engaging and atmospheric. They would not be out of place in a gothic period piece horror film. That is right in my wheelhouse, so I was instantly drawn into the world she masterfully constructed with this amazing piece of music. Hook, line, and sinker I was captured in a trance from the first keys of the piano being played. When her voice burst into my ears there was no going back.

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With ‘The Witch’ Indra has successfully done some amazing genre-bending. She incorporates elements from alternative rock, emo pop and a perfect bit of electronic influences. To circle back around to any earlier statement, I made there is nothing this talented musician can’t do. It’s almost unfair for that amount of talent to reside in one individual. Here we are though, and we need to bask in the fact that we live in a world blessed with Indra’s talents. In a song called “The Witch’ you’d assume that there would be an ample amount of that imagery throughout, and you’d be right. Indra has perfectly crafted a narrative young guy seeking to blame others for his failures when in reality it is he that is the destroyer of his own world. Really heavy and cinematic imagery to compliment such an astounding song.

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