Inkakai Creates a Bombastic Sound That Sonically Erupts To Magnificent Levels ‘Drown’

InkakaiInkakai / Publicity photo

This song starts as epic sounding and grandiose as any song can start. The first symphonic synth sounds awaken the listener as it readies them for a journey of musical magnificence. Then the driving guitar and emphatic drums explode into your ears before being tied all together the stellar vocals. I find myself with a surge of electricity surging through my veins as I feel empowered by this powerful track. It has a majestic and anthemic feel to it. One that should accompany a hugely transitional scene one would find at the end of a movie’s second act before the main character is emboldened enough to dive head-first into the third act’s story arc.

That last statement could seem to have come out of left field, but longtime readers of this publication know that I’m an avid watcher of film and am almost always visualizing scenes when I take in music. ‘Drown’ never failed to inspire that creativity as upon hearing them I initially saw an epic movie scene being played out in my mind. Their music should be used in cinema as I could imagine the feeling that I’d get listening to this epic piece blasted out of Dolby surround sound.

Inkakai is a theatrical band to say the least. Come to find out that they all choose to remain anonymous by donning masks and hoods just makes sense. It’s respectable that they chose that approach as a way of keeping the focus on their music as opposed to their individual personalities. I bet their stage shows are as visually appealing as their songs are. I hope, no yearn for them to come play in Chicago because I don’t believe I’d find a more perfectly visual and audio experience if I tried.

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