Inspired by an epic dream, ESC shares his latest EP ‘Unauthorized Passenger’ in the most creative way

Danny Manor, also known as ESC, is a musician, songwriter, visual artist, and filmmaker from Israel. He has released his latest EP ‘Unauthorized Passenger’ and presents it with an animated visual art video.

Danny Manor is a perfect example of what we call a creative individual, and this music takes you on a journey that is more than just music. He also created the stunning visuals in the animated video, which go hand in hand with the music. Esc is a multimedia project and in fact, ‘Unauthorized Passenger’, accompanied by a 20-minute animation film was nominated in three categories for the KalaKari Film Fest in India.

Danny Manor EscDanny Manor / Esc / Photo by Roee Rozen

ESC’s main influences are numerous big rock guitarists, as well as film score/soundtrack composers. The guitar is in the spotlight and then surrounded by orchestral themes. ‘Unauthorized Passenger’ was co-produced and mixed by Francois Paul Aiche, who also played a key role in the Esc project. Danny and Francois first met at Berklee College of Music in the early 2000s. They became close friends and roommates in college, and later colleagues, composing and producing music for film, television, and video games in New York and Los Angeles.

Francois Paul AicheFrancois Paul Aiche / Esc / Publicity photo

According to Danny, ‘Unauthorized Passenger’ was inspired by an epic dream. When you watch this animated video, you’ll see a creature that looks like a half dragon/half airplane. In the dream, that strange creature was flying through the Boston skyline, like a flashback to his Berklee days. At that point, work on the track ‘Trapped in a Dragon’s Dream’ began. This dream also reminded him of the tragic terror attacks of 9/11, which gave him a lot to think about while writing these songs and creating the animated video. Taking it a step further, the music simply evolved organically after that first picture. Sometimes all we need to do is lay the groundwork, and the rest will fall into place.

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