Jacob’s Fall have released a new version for the anthemic song ‘Escape The Gravity’

Jacob’s FallJacob’s Fall / Publicity photo

Jacob’s Fall is a gothic rock band from Halle, Germany and they’re giving a fresh breath to ‘Escape The Gravity’, the ending song you can hear on their debut album ‘The War We Miss’.

‘Escape The Gravity’ is a super anthemic song with catchy vocals surrounded by the characteristic gothic sound that is deeply embodied in Jacob’s Fall. The new version spices things up a little with added acoustic drums and guitars. Many listeners will find the lead singer C. Faust’s vocal timbre very appealing, as it is deep and haunts you beautifully throughout the song.

Jacob’s FallJacob’s Fall / Publicity photo

Listen to ‘Escape The Gravity’ new version on Spotify

The War We Miss (Full Album)

Jacob’s Fall was founded back in 2016. Their sound lays somewhere between metal, gothic rock, and alternative rock. If you asked me, then I’d like to call them a gothic hard rock band. The band’s members include ex-My Insanity singer Christian Faust on vocals and guitar, J. Pietzonka on guitar/vocals, D. Pabst delivering the low end on bass, and the drummer R. Jauernik. This band has discovered their own sound, they should be proud to be players in the gothic rock field, and a follow-up record is definitely needed.

‘Escape The Gravity’ new version is available for streaming and downloading since April 1, 2022.

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