JAKESGHOST Breaking Through The Mold Of What Rock Is Supposed To Be And Redefining It ‘Before 23’

We all yearn for the good old days. When there was more to be had in front of us than there was in the rearview. The spirations and dreams filled our minds as the days waned by. These are sentiments that we can all relate to. Nowadays you might be slogging along at your cubicle reminiscing about that garage band you used to play bass or. What happened? You were going to set the world on fire. You grew up is what happened. Life happened. To quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast”.

Enter the room jakesghost. Here is an artist that brings with him a unique sound. He has taken it upon himself to buck the trends and not conform to a specific style. His creative voice is his own and that is on full display with ‘Before 23’. His anthemic song about growing up and letting go of the past. Realizing that longing for the memories of your teen years would be nothing more than just that. Long all you want, but you’ll never bring back those days. Time doesn’t move backwards. No matter what Doc Brown says.

jakesghost / Publicity photo

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This music is so enthralling that I find myself entranced with it. The opening sparked within me a comparison to the soundtrack for the phenomenal movie The Guest. Through my research I found that jakesghost draws inspiration from film composers, so that makes sense. This man shows how immensely talented he is by mastering multiple instruments and incorporates them with great aplomb in this catchy song that is ‘Before 23’. A true talent to keep an eye out, it says a great deal about the depth of his talent when he explosively changes directions from a somber balled to an infinitely more aggressive anthemic sound.

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