Jane N’ The Jungle Combines The Perfect Amount Of Attitude And Raunchiness With Great Aplomb ‘DIRTY DOG’

Jane N' The JunglePhoto by Jim Louvau

You remember when you were a child and your parents asked you what you wanted for your birthday. You enthusiastically told them in great detail what it was. Then on the day your birthday arrived you knew deep in your heart that’s what you were getting, yet you’d still be overcome with a great amount of joy and surprise. That’s how I am going to describe Jane N’ The Jungle’s latest. See, I have covered them before. Invested myself in their earlier output, so I had a good understanding of what to expect. I knew what I was getting myself into. Yet here I am filled with great joy and surprise with their latest single ‘DIRTY DOG’.

They have yet again stepped up to the plate, stared down the pitcher, and hit the ball out of the park. Jordan White’s lyrics have continued to grow as her voice evokes massive amounts of emotion. She has unveiled so much about her own personal trauma with sexual assault, put her pain to page, and found a sense of catharsis as she triumphantly sings about her ordeal. That takes a heroic amount of bravery.

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From the opening chord building before it explodes into an infectious riff Brian Dellis’ eclectic guitar play captures the attention while not taking away from the narrative that Jordan’s lyrics have laid out, and the underlying bassline provided by “Big B” fits harmoniously with the rest of the band. I ingested this latest song and found myself wishing that I’d be in LA to see them perform at one of their upcoming concerts, as I can only imagine how amazing their live performance is. Do whatever is necessary to hear all you can from Jane N’ The Jungle for I feel they will continue to bring us some of the most exciting metal music to come out in a long time.

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